Earn While You Learn

Be the best parents you can be! 

This program helps to answer many of the questions mothers and fathers may have concerning pregnancy and parenting. We will provide them with an opportunity to learn how to be the best parent(s) they can be and understand the challenges and joys that may lay ahead of them and their child/children. 

Through lessons that are done onsite the parent(s) receive new curriculum that's updated through the online courses.They will learn important and interesting information about pregnancy and taking care of their child through the age of three. Along with educational information on parenting there are numerous courses on finances, time management, and Bible studies, to help the parent grow and succeed as a complete and healthy person.  With the guidance of a mentor the parent will receive the encouragement needed to help achieve the short and long term goals they have set, and to be the parent they want to be.


This program gives them the opportunity to also earn "Baby Bucks" that they can use to "purchase" material items and supplies needed for their baby. Some parents even earn Baby Bucks and then turn around and donate them to parents in need within the center. Such selflessness has been a big blessing to several of the moms this past year. 


There are programs for everyone no matter their educational background or income. This opportunity is a blessing and a free service for all in this area and surrounding areas. All Babies Cherished is open to everyone who is interested in learning to become the best parent they can become!  

We now offer some classes online as well.

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